Black Tea

Black Tea comes from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis tree. The leaves are picked and allowed to wither and oxidize (also known as fermenting but this has nothing to do with alcohol), which gives them an orange/black colour. Often people say they like Orange Pekoe tea, which is really just a grade of tea (OP) and not a blend. Black tea is usually strong tasting due to the oxidization process, is more astringent and contains caffeine. You can significantly reduce the amount of caffeine by pouring off the first steeping after 5 seconds and steeping it again.

Black tea should be brewed in water at 90-95C (let the water rest for a minute after boiling). One teaspoon per cup is adequate. You can reuse the leaves for up to three cups but each brewing will be weaker than the previous one and it will need to steep longer. Often Black tea is taken with milk and/or sugar. Most Black teas also make excellent iced tea. We suggest warming up your cup with boiling water and then dumping it out before brewing your first cup of tea.